Thursday, 1 June 2017

A Beauty Trend To Love And (Also) To Hate

How can you love and hate something at the same time?

When looking through Youtube for some beauty tips to help with both my personal and business life, I have noticed a beauty trend that has been going for a while now. One which I really like but also, completely dislike - Celebrity look alike tutorials.

Here are just some of the few, I have come across in my search for personal beauty care and current beauty trends. 
  • Makeup look like Taylor Swift
  • Makeup look like Selena Gomez
  • Makeup look like Beyonce
  • Makeup look like Rihanna
  • Makeup look like Angelina Jolie

The Love
It's great to get inspiration from celebrities and see what a transformation makeup fused with beauty or style can bring. After all, who does not want to look like the gorgeous Beyonce, the glamorous Rihanna or the trendy Selena Gomez!

The Hate
This beauty trend seems to have become so obsessive and I'm wondering when is it going to gradually end! I'm all for beauty and I'm a trained professional. That said, I'm an advocate of personal brilliance and personal style. I believe that beauty is unique and should come from a place of authenticity. Most importantly, young girls and young women are being encouraged to think that they are not cool enough, gorgeous enough or simply beautiful enough until they've made their makeup look like that of a celebrity or somebody else. 

Finding The Balance
There is nothing wrong in following a beauty trend or being inspired by other people's looks: what they wear, their makeup, lifestyle or indeed their beauty. All I am saying is that while doing that, do let your own beauty shine through tooBeauty is unique and personal. It is great to love and embrace another person's make-up and style, but in the process, do not lose your own beauty power. 

So I'm hoping that you'll rock your own personal beauty with authenticity to let yourself shine, even with an inspired look from a celebrity model or celebrity icon. 

Woman! You are beautiful in your own way. Please, remember that.

Radiance and Love,

Wumi xoxo

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