Friday, 13 January 2017

7 Other Ways To Say You Are Beautiful

Sometimes it feels to me that the word 'beautiful' is beginning to lose its meaning. So I began to look for more powerful ways to tell my friends they look beautiful without it feeling cheesy, indulging or just plain boring. Also, I believe we ALL need to expand our beauty here are my seven other ways to say you are 'beautiful'.

You ooze your own style.
You look really radiant.
Your brilliance abounds.
You're glowing, my dear friend.
You look glam naturally!
Your brilliance simply rocks. 
You sparkle like a diamond.

If you noted, I have avoided using the words unique, amazing and awesome as these words are losing their meaning too.

May 2017 be a brilliant and glowing year for you. Now, go and sparkle like a diamond.

Radiance and love,



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