Friday, 8 January 2016

Will You Stay The Course or Will You Not?

Happy New 2016!
Many people at this time make the commonly known, New Year Resolution, listing and deciding on things they would or would not not. Some of the common favourites include: getting fit or losing weight, eating healthily, quit smoking, saving money or cutting back on alcohol. Whatever resolutions you may have made, it is a common fact that a much smaller percentage of people actually stick to their resolutions beyond 4 to 8 weeks.
Why is this so? Is it just plain human behaviour? I really don't have the answer and to be honest, I'll let the experts in Psychology and Neurology answer this question. However, it’s been said that one of the reasons why some people do not stick to their new year resolution is because they haven't set a SMART one; i.e. a Specific, Achievable and Realistic Resolution! SMART - stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound. (It's one of the tools, I learnt whilst working and doing my certificate in management, a few years ago!)

Are You Going to Give it More Than a Try?
I read a lot of blogs and I totally love personal development. This blog itself is fused with and inspired by elements of personal development which I consider a key ingredient for personal brilliance and success. So, if I may ask:
What resolutions have you set for yourself in 2016 and have you made them SMART? Are you going to make every effort to keep working on your resolutions beyond the next 4 to 8 weeks or are you going to let your resolutions just become something that drops by the sideline with an excuse of,  “I can't be bothered". 
Come March this year, will you be on tract for keeping to your resolutions and achieving the desired outcomes you want from them? As Robert H Schuller rightly said, “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me".  Simply stated, it’s a matter of choice. A sure way to remain true to your goals is to find a personal development program that works for you or an accountability partner, coach or mentor, if you need one.

What does Wumi do?
Truth be told, I’ve stopped setting new year resolutions as I was part of the statistics who just never seem to keep them. What I do now is completely different. 
Last year, I finally found my mojo – becoming a positive habit developer!
In my quest to improve my life, I came across Leo Babauta’s Sea Change Program in August 2015 and I signed up to it. One positive habit I was able to develop late last year (and I’m still working on it), was waking up early. From waking up early, I was able to start work at my home computer early which meant that I could produce this blog and write regularly.  I didn’t achieve this result through wishful thinking or new year resolution setting. I found something that truly worked for me: 
making small incremental changes and finding the will power to stick to them
As Leo Babauta said, “One small change at a time, and you’ll change your entire life." Yeah! 
For 2016, I have decided to develop an evening routine, especially one of going to bed early as this is something I really struggle with being an owl. Also, I want to sustain my habit of walking up early, so if I can get into bed by 11.00pm, at least four times a week, I'll be eternally grateful to my creator. I’m still on the Sea Change Program but my days on it are numbered because I gave myself a deadline.  
I pray 2016 be a truly beautiful, breathtaking year for you and that you'll find that inner strength to stay on course with your resolutions, dreams and goals.
Here’s to a brilliant 2016!
Radiance and Love,


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