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The Busy Woman’s Way to Clean Skin at Night

Don’t have time for a thorough facial routine at night? This one simple tip will take you on a journey to total skin bliss and teach you how to get clean skin so you can look more youthful.

 “You shall take your make-up off before 
or when you go to bed at night."
It’s a commandment!
Do you know that sleeping with your make-up on, can age your skin and make you look 10 years older?  Research has shown that a third of women go to bed, at least twice a week, without taking their make-up off.
During the day we accumulate a lot of dirt on our skin, especially our face as it's the most exposed part of our body. From having a busy day, our faces can feel sticky, icky and just simply mucky. Then imagine crawling into bed with all that dirt and dosing off to sleep! The result overtime can be premature, aging skin.

When you leave your make-up on overnight, you may be clogging up your pores while you sleep and simply not giving your skin a chance to breathe – something which your skin really does need.
What to Use When You're Tired?
You can use a suitable facial cleanser, facial wipes or facial pads with eye make-up remover to take that make-up off. The choice is yours. However, I would recommend facial wipes despite what the press and some skin professionals say. It has been said that facial wipes don’t effectively cleanse your skin but smear dirt and make-up across it. This assertion may be true for some but this is not the case with me. I believe it’s how you use the wipes that really matter. Give me a couple of facial wipes at night and I’ll give you clean skin in 3 minutes or less; skin without make-up, dirt or grime! I’m a modern, busy, business woman! 
I have been using facial wipes to remove my make-up at night before I even trained as a skincare professional and my skin does look good. Facial wipes are quick, convenient and easy to use especially when you are tired and  you just want to get into bed.  Also, much to my surprise I discovered that Tea tree facial wipes were particularly good for my skin.  Not surprising when you look at the goodies and benefits of Tea tree oil itself:
·         Anti-inflammatory: used to reduce inflammation, i.e. any swellings on the skin.
·         Antiseptic - prevents the growth of disease causing micro-organisms
·         Antiviral - effective against viruses
·         Cooling – makes the skin calm down
·         Tonic – gives a feeling of vigour or invigorating properties on the skin

When Tea tree oil is used neat (without it being diluted) on the skin, it aids the healing of fungal or viral infections such as cold sores and spots.  Tea tree oil is also good for burns, sunburn and skin blisters.
Some Simple Rules to Follow
Rinse your face with water, immediately after using a wipe, to remove any irritating ingredients that may be left on your skin.
Apply a moisturiser to your face after using facial wipes, especially if you have dry or dehydrated skin.Tea tree oil does dry up excess oils on the skin so be careful if you have dry skin. 
Avoid using wipes with fragrances as this can irritate the skin and cause spots to break out unnecessarily.
So if you are feeling tired from a full day of activity and want to remove your make-up in a jiffy, try facial wipes and get clean skin for a happy night's sleep.

Radiance and Love,
Wumi x

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