Friday, 11 December 2015

Allow Me To Unleash The Bloom Factor Please!

Are you creative enough?

Being a very creative individual, I must admit that I got it all wrong when I was growing up. I thought that those who were interested in the arts or who had gifting and talents in artistic expressions were the only creative ones. As far as I was concerned, creativity only showed up or reared itself in forms such as singing, dancing, music composition, fine arts, crafts, designs of all sorts: i.e. graphic design, interior design, web design, fashion design and the list truly could go on. Experience has now shown me otherwise. 

What makes a brain surgeon perform a 12 hour operation on someone’s brain and we think that he has only used scientific skills with no elements of creativity included in the process?

Without a doubt, people who are artistic and inventive are certainly great “creatives”. However, I truly believe that all human beings have some kind of creative ability in them. Deborah Day says:

“You don't have to be like anyone else. You just need to learn more about your own creative self and start blooming.” 

The Bloom Factor: What is that?

By the way, creativity is defined as: the use of imagination or original ideas to create something”. Everybody has and uses their imagination in some way, shape or form. For instance, an “Eureka” moment, a burst of insight, an instant solution to a persisting problem, sheer determination to complete a complex and complicated tasks are all expressions of creativity or what I would call ‘creative instinct’! That is, in my own words, the bloom factor.

According to an article on Psychology you can develop and nurture creativity which means that you can develop and nurture creativity in your life, work or business, by understanding that:
  • Creativity involves the interplay between where you are and where you see yourself going, to keep your expression growing.
  • Creativity is in the process, not just the finished results.
  • Develop the power to see the ordinary as poetic. You can find poetry in everyday life or business activities.
  • Most important of all, the question is not whether you are creative enough but whether you will free yourself to express your creativity. The bloom factor!

Tapping into your creative instincts, your very own inner mojo, may lead you to unleash some desired creativity into your life, work or business. The result may be that your life or business will start blooming!

Radiance and love,

Wumi Oyewole

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