Friday, 4 December 2015

Friday Blues - Just a Lighter Shade!

Have you ever gone to bed at night and woke up in the morning with a set of deep lines and marks on your face? I have.
I scramble out of bed, get myself into the bathroom and check my face in the mirror just before I start to brush my teeth.  To my surprise, what steers me right in the face are these new, deep set marks and lines, all jaded across the left side of my face. These newly created marks are known as 'sleep wrinkles' and I've been told they can age my skin. "Certainly not", I scream!

Pure Poetry!
Sleep wrinkles are not caused by the movement of muscles in my face. They come from the lovely pillows, I lay my head on to sleep at night.
"Pillows, pillows, my lovely pillows", I sing. 
"Please do not give me aged, dreary skin"!

A Lighter Shade 
When we sleep we tend to sleep on one side of our frame. Studies have shown that the average person spends 60 percent of their sleep on their sides. Sleeping on your side can create vertical creases down your cheeks and chin which may reinforce vertical expression lines. You may catch up on the full story here.
I'm not totally sure if sleep wrinkles will age my skin. However, if it does, I'll deal with it. How? That's my silent secret and that's why I love my job as a skin therapist or should I say, beauty specialist.
Here's to a fabulous Friday and a great weekend ahead...
Radiance and Love,


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