Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Beauty Is Your Personal Style

Ever stayed awake at night thinking about a puzzling question that just won't go away?
A Little Reflection!
Entering the world of business and entrepreneurship has made me a little more reflective. More so, when I decided to go back into education and retrain as a beauty and health professional.
My journey into the health and beauty industry has also made me to take a minute from the hustle of city living and ask myself (what I would consider) one of life's quite intriguing questions: What is Beauty?

Beauty is Your Personal Style

I love Beyonce. She's a go-getter. She's got her own style. She's relentless.
Beyonce is an excellent, extraordinary performer and a gifted, brilliant singer.  To me, Beyonce Knowles is the performing goddess. I admire her greatly, but truthfully speaking that's where it ends. I don't want to be like her. Why?
I've got my own personal style too! I believe everybody has theirs.

What is Personal Style?
My own definition - That thing, that very thing that makes you uniquely different and totally you is your personal style. For instance, I'm a hands on creative. I love trying out stuff. I've dabbled into home decor, floristry and even soap chemistry! This means that creativity is part of my personal style and I won't change that for anything.
When you walk in your own personal style, it makes you stand tall. It makes you beautifully brilliant, ravishingly radiant, and above all charmingly confident. We can and we should enhance our personal style, if we so desire but please, we don't have to relinquish it! My heart breaks and aches when I see people throwing away their personal style and beauty because they want to blend in or be somebody else. This is why I love what I do - helping and showing women how to embrace and enhance their natural beauty using products they'll truly love! 

I'd love to hear your thoughts about what beauty means to you. Drop a comment below or click the share button below, if you found this useful. 
Radiance and love,
Wumi x

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